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List of issues I have discovered so far

(Topic created: 08-17-2022 07:21 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Hi everyone,

I have submitted a few beta feedbacks and did not want to include the diagnostic data, so all of these were dismissed. I figured to post them here if someone wants to try to replicate the issue and send feedback to them, or at least it is here for the devs to hopefully see.

1. The background gradient of the app screen changes when trying the following:
Open a folder in the apps screen, press plus to add an app, then back out.
The background is now much brighter than before and gets dark again when the apps screen is closed. This cycle can be repeated.

2. The calendar app notification for events is not working correctly. The notification appears earlier than the event time, but the full screen page does not appear at all (despite its setting being selected), and the screen does not turn on automatically, unlike before. It also does not send notifications to the galaxy watch4 even though the setting is turned on.

3. The clock app does not allow for multiple timers to run concurrently (the option for it does not even exist), but the update info said it would be possible after the update to the beta program.

4. In the messages app, text messages sent to contacts can no longer be touched and help until the menu options appear. The options to delete a specific text, view details, or send to reminders, etc. That menu can not be accessed. It can for verification texts received from numbers not saved as contacts though.

5. Quick share does not show up on samsung galaxy book pro 360 if the option is set to contacts only on the phone. Even though both the laptop and phone are logged in with the same email address and same samsung account, the phone only shows up on laptop if the option is set to everyone on the phone.

6. This is about the media output button located in the notification panel. I was on a whatsapp call on my galaxy buds and got a phone call. I took the call on the buds and after it was over, the sound switched back to the phone automatically when the whatsapp call was resumed. The button I mentioned shows a blank screen when pressed and I had to end the call and disconnect the buds and reconnect for the issue to be resolved and call back.

7. If the device is connected to both a car over Bluetooth and headphones, if the headphones are disconnected, in the past there would be no issue and the car can resume media playback after a pause. But now, the only way to get it to work is to disconnect the car from the Bluetooth settings and reconnect, or turn the Bluetooth off and on to do the same.

8. The adaptive brightness is unusually bright compared to before the update. When the phone is locked in my pocket and I unlock the screen, the brightness is almost maxed out indoors, even if the screen was locked with a much less brightness setting.

9. When viewing a contact's details, the buttons to call or text have the wrong color.

10. On the Samsung keyboard, if the cursor is in the middle of a sentence (a space on the left and a letter to the right), auto correct does not function unless a space is first introduced to the right side as well. This is tedious because it's unnecessarily complicated and takes a few tries for me to get the cursor right in between these two spaces and sometimes the auto correct puts a period down too and it's just a hassle. It would be great if the auto correct would work just as any other time if there is a space to the left and a letter to the right of it, for editing sentences.

11. On the samsung keyboard app, if a misspelled word is accidentally accepted and added to the dictionary (the words suggested above the keyboard as you type), there is no way to delete the left most word by pressing and holding it, and only the words from the second position and on can be deleted. It is useful to fix this so that the first word can be removed from learned words because a word like "nit" cannot be replicated to show up on the second position, and the only way is to type it wrong which shows up in the first position and cannot be deleted. 
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Beta Moderator

Hello ,

Thank you for your feedback. If you haven’t already, Please update Samsung Members app to latest version from the Galaxy store and send us an error report immediately after experiencing the issue from the Samsung member’s app -> Beta Feedback -> Error Reports to help us debug the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

One UI Beta Team

You know I was wondering about that feature in text messages. I was trying to set up a reminder but it wouldn't bring up a menu and I was thinking I had imagined this 😅.