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More alive Haptic Feedback

(Topic created: 09-25-2022 08:19 AM)
"More haptics is better. Only problem is that it doesn't seem like non-Samsung apps can really take advantage of the haptic motor so they end up feeling kinda "flat" even if they do similar actions (ie flipping a toggle switch in Settings vs Google Messages). That second part isn't a Samsung problem, but I will say I wish they did have some more subtlety to gestures like they do for said toggle buttons. 

Maybe something like when swiping up or back there's a low rumble build up to that last hit when the gesture triggers, almost like the feeling of stretching a rubber band then snapping it if that makes sense."

- KBWolf

When swiping on the home screen you'll feel this left/right haptic build up. When you tap on a app and the animation plays out make the haptic vibrate hard when the app is tapped but while the app is opening gradually vibrate less.

Also when I swipe to go home do a gradual haptic build up. When the app it almost in place do a heavy vibration almost like a slam effect!

This is the person I got the idea from

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