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Partner with 3 party apps

(Topic created on: 11/2/20 2:49 PM)
Firstly one thing I miss most about the camera was the instagram mode so we could take pictures in great quality and post them to our story or profile. I'm sure that would be easy to be brought back but you partnered with them and what now that partnership is done?  Secondly snapchat... Now I know it's easy to say contact them it's on them to make it better. While that may be it's up to you guys to push them to do it. Whenever I contact them they say "no no contact samsung it's up to them" and when I contact you guys I get "since it's a 3rd party app you will have to talk to them" I get the run around

Iphones super popular as it's the only apple phone so it's easier and I get that. Samsung and google pixel arguably the most popular android phones. Google let's instagram and snap use it's camera specs. Samsung stated it would be but I haven't noticed any change at all. Now I know an update was released to help them be able to utuilaize it but they are not. If someone buys a low end android phone then yeah it won't be as good but for something high end like Galaxy S20 Ultra it should be flawless

Please bring back instagram mode or force them to use your camera tech for the app and for snapchat please do the same. It's not really a good user experience when you have a top of the line phone/camera and all the people you send pics to have to comment back how bad the quality is. Don't even get me started on videos for snapchat. I get there are a ton of android phones but if people want a better experience with apps like insta and snap they need to buy a high end android phone IE. Samsung galaxy/note or a google pixel. 

I'm sure the story would be different if samsung or Google pixel was the only android phone out there but let's make it work with what we got. Why do you think snapchat revamped the android app from the ground up? Not only did the original app suck but they were loosing a ton of users. They didn't realize a huge chunk of the world is android phones. They were loosing users on the daily so they revamped it and it works a ton better and they gained users back. This would help not only them but you when it comes to selling phones because trust me there are people out there who buy the iphone specifically so they can do social media now we for sure have a better camera but it's because the quality comes out better in the apps on the iphone. 
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