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security! security! security!

(Topic created: 12-21-2020 05:07 PM)
So this may be coming from recent experiences with my mom's identity being stolen and her iPhone 10xr and her iPad were all hacked. 
Please Samsung, I know you guys have seen the news about the U.S government being hacked so I'm asking for you guys to BEEF UP THE SECURITY with your Samsung phones. 
I did just discover the secure folder that seems to be a super feature. It would be awesome if you could somehow make Samsung pass more seamless with this feature within the app and outside it. I may be understanding this wrong but it seems you can run into issues with our banking apps and other such things if you set up Samsung pass within the locker.
Also, it would be cool if you could add other recovery options, like other email accounts or other people or authenticators, like how Google let's you have multiple recovery options while still keeping it super secure. 
With all this crazy "crap" going on, we need you guys to be the Robinhood in a sea of Prince John's 🤪🤣😅 please please up the security game. 

Happy holidays Samsung:christmas_tree::fireworks::party_popper:

BTW, please add some new emojis, holiday ones would be cool and maybe even based off legendary movies/TV shows. Just ideas :light_bulb:
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