My new UN65MU6290...


Re: My new UN65MU6290...

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Hi Cole, I just purchashed a Denon AVR 1513 receiver and a little confused on the connections. Hopefully you can follow me... 


I have Direct TV (HDMI out) connected to the receiver (HDMI in),  and from the receiver SAT/CBL (HDMI out) to the TV (HDMI 2 in HDMI 1 would not work, screen had purple hue to it). I also have the digital audio cable going from the TV to the receiver. 


Question: Is the above correct and how do I know if I am getting sound through the digital cable or HDMI cable?


Thank you tons!!


BTW: Brother got a 65" OLED LG TV and the picture on my Samsung is so much better!!!!



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Re: My new UN65MU6290...

Hello Rick!


The way you would want to set this up is to connect all of your peripherals(DirecTV, DVD Player, Game System etc.) to the Denon receiver on the HDMI In ports. Then run an HDMI cable from the HDMI (OUT) Monitor on your receiver to HDMI 1 on your television.


You don't need to connect the digital audio cable. The receiver will receive Audio/Video from the peripherals and then send Video to the television and audio to the speakers connected to your receiver. 


Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions.