Q8FN and HDMI Issues


Q8FN and HDMI Issues

Recently purchased a 55" Q8FN TV.  Initial setup went fine except that the TV won't recognize our Panasonic Blu-Ray player.  I have the BD player running through my Denon AVR-4100 receiver, then a single HDMI connection to the HDMI 1 port on the TV.  All the other devices I have connected (Dish Network DVR, Xbox One, Roku) power up, switch to HDMI 1 and work fine, it's the BD player that won't work.  It powers up, but I get no signal or picture.  Also, the BD player doesn't show up in the sources menu.  Also and without any input from me, the TV periodically switches to HDMI 3 for the BD player.  How can I manually change the HDMI input on the TV?  I looked through all the menus and couldn't find it.


Anyone know how to fix these issues?  

Samsung Moderator

Re: Q8FN and HDMI Issues

Does the Blu-ray player work if connected directly to the television? Please provide the full model code of both devices.