Samsung QFN 2018 menu lagging


Samsung QFN 2018 menu lagging

Just got the 2018 Q7FN the exact model QE75QFN in July 2018. The picture is superb but no use when you are unable to use the smart functions on the tv. It has 2 remotes both are the same. It keeps lagging and takes time to catch up, sometimes does not work, Netflix app keeps sticking. What a horrible experience. I think all the apps are running in the background so the tv cannot cope when you want to use the remote just to change the channel or volume, forget trying to move to a different app. No issue with broadband we have very fast fibre so cannot blame that. The TV will be returned anyone had same issues or suggest fix perhaps too new for comments. 

Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung QFN 2018 menu lagging

Regrettably support for non-US models is very limited. We suggest reaching out to a support team in your area for further assistance. You can do so by using the following link:  Thanks!