Samsung UE65MU8005


Samsung UE65MU8005



I am having some issues with my recently bought Pioneer receiver. These issues have started from the very beginning.


Some background info:


I have a Samsung TV 65" 4K UHD Smart TV UE65MU8005

Before I had my Pioneer receiver, I used an Onkyo TX-sr501 or 503.

I used a Jamo speaker set 5.1 (but the speaker should not matter)


I swapped out the Onkyo for the pioneer and got a Klipsch 5.1 set instead of the Jamo.


The Tv and pioneer are connected through ARC and HDMI CEC enabled.

I use a HDMI 2.1 cable (Monster) from my HDMI 4 (arc tv) to the HDMI OUT 1 (receiver – ARC)


The good:


Everything is working good and without much issues.


The bad:


This only lasts for a random time of a few hour up to 2-3 days.




At some point (random) my tv no longer is able to adjust the volume off the receiver. The tv shows it is raising / lowering the volume, but the receiver does not get the commands.

From this point on, If I turn the tv off, the receiver no longer turns off automatically.

Turning on the tv no longer turns on my receiver

And I have no more sound and the tv swaps back to TV speakers.

If I manually turn on the receiver, I still get no sound at all, no response and no way to ever get sound back by changing the sound settings on the tv at all.


The current and only fix I have is to unplug the tv from the power (sometimes 2-3 times before it works)

And then the whole system is up and running again for an unknown period of time. Anywhere between those few hours and 2-3 days.


This issues appears more often when swapping sources on the receiver (chromecast, playstation, pc, tv) or using apps that use different sounds (not verified, but tv menu is PCM, I run plex media server that has mainly DTS, the youtube smartapp has DTS Neo 2.5 the tv does not seems to automatically select the best available audio. I have to manually go swap to the different DTS channels: example default configured on DTS Neo, I use youtube have sound etc.. open my plex on the tv, play a movie and the sound gets converted to PCM. I then have to go to the tv settings to change the audio to normal DTS and then I have the same issue once I go back to youtube)


I contacted Samsung before, they told me to unplug everything for 30 minutes and then do it all again, but that did not help.


So far I have done factory resets on both the tv and the receiver, I had a 1.4 HDMI before, and bought the overpriced Monster cable since I though maybe it was that.

Can you guys help me? Is it a problem you heard before? Know off? Is it a technical bug in the receiver? The tv?

My plan is to get an Atmos setup (eventually) but so far this has not been enjoyable to have to unplug the tv every other day just to get some decent sound.


Kind regards