Samsung UE75NU7102 75" "Tic Tac" cracking and popping soundscoming from the TV


Samsung UE75NU7102 75" "Tic Tac" cracking and popping soundscoming from the TV

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Recently, I purchased a Samsung 75 inch Smart TV. From the first day, I can hear popping and cracking sounds coming from the back of the TV. I immediately called samsung support (I am from Greece so I called the Greek department) but the technicians claimed that this is normal since the TV is heating up. I am 100% sure that these sounds are not normal but Samsung Greece refuse to take any actions since the technicians claimed everything is ok and normal with the TV. 


While watching, these sounds get louder and louder and after a certain period, it is very frustrating and annoying. I Invested on this specific model because I've built a home theater but I am truly dissapointed.

Below, I have 2 files that I recorded with the cracking and popping sounds. Not to mention that in real life, these sounds are even louder. Technicians also mentionned that every single TV existing does the same, which of course isn't true. Thus, since Samsung claims this is normal, I am never buying any Samsung TV again and furthermore, any Samsung products since the support is unacceptable. For 1 week, I am trying to find a solution but even the head master said "I can't do anything".


Any suggestions? What can I do? The store I bought the TV from claims that they can't do anything since Samsung Greece states that the TV has no problems.


 2 files, one video and one recording:

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