UA55H6300 TV and Netflix


UA55H6300 TV and Netflix

Ok, I have searched here and google, and tried everything I can come up with. 


When I go to netflix I can login fine but when I try to play anything it buffers to 24% and then stops. After a bit I get an error We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.  tvq-pm-100 3.1.-62


Now, If I hotspot from my phone to the tv netflix works. But this is of course less than ideal. 

I can use netflix fine via my ISP on my PC and my phone connected via wireless. 


I have tried.....

Both wired and wireless connections

Wireless using an old 2.4ghz connection as well as my 2.4/5ghz auto switching connection.

Turning off the TV by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. 

Unplugging the TV for 4 minutes. 

Factory resetting the tv

Changing DNS to the router

Changing DNS to my ISP

Changing DNS to

Resetting the smart hub. 

Checking manually for updates (everything is up to date)

Manually setting my ip/subnet/gateway

Auto setting from the routers DHCP

Resetting the TV to my country


The network connection works, I can use Plex (via LAN) and youtube without issue. 

The network check in the netflix app shows everything is working although it shows my speed at 25mbps but my internet speed sits around 940mbps on my pc. 


I have a fritzbox for my router, there is also another gigabit switch between the router and TV


I'm running out of ideas. Does anyone else know?



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Re: UA55H6300 TV and Netflix

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Re: UA55H6300 TV and Netflix

I gave up. I went back to the PC under the tv. Its better at processing graphics and netflix works fine.