UN50J6200AFXZA Melting


UN50J6200AFXZA Melting

Hello, I purchased TWO Samsung 50 inch LED Smart TV's from Best Buy on June 4th 2016. Yesterday afternoon, June 6th 2017, one of the TV's ended up pixelating in the left corner and ended up MELTING the same corner of the TV. I have video proof, as I have both TV's on in front of a security camera. I also have photos of the damage.


I paid around $600 each for BOTH TV's, and this is unacceptable.


Please help me Samsung.


Both models are: UN50J6200AFXZA


So far, this has only happened to 1 of the TV's, but I am afraid it will happen to the other.


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Re: UN50J6200AFXZA Melting

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