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2017 Tab A SM-T380

It's running OS 8.1 and recently the Play Store is hanging during updates. It started and still, not quitting but disappearing into the background right after a download and install completes. The past couple of weeks it's now downloading and installing one app, then all the rest sit there saying "Download pending . . . " and that's it. It can sit for hours if I let it and no progress. And when the screen saver activates it causes the updater to stall. Where it use to continue. Stopping and restarting does not work either.


Now I have to quit "My apps & games" (which actually be: My Apps & Games), people and capitalization/punctuation, then after restarting it'll install one thing and shoot to the background or hang. One thing I just noticed on restarting the app that the download was done and then it installs and hangs.


Also, and I think it coincide with the installation of the new Chrome, it now that hangs, a lot and the whold tablet is running nothing like it has, which was great.


I'd love to back it up, wipe and restore to start troubleshooting and looking at a recovery. But all the back up methods scatter BU files all over and I can't use them. Even the built in BU is suppose to store user info for an app so if you dump it and reinstall, all the operational info reloads. Never seen that happen.


I may have to physically catalog everthing, wipe the thing and reinstall and see waht happens. Thei reminds me of the old days (90's) when you'd get a new phone and I would go to a bar, get a beer and manually migrate all the info from one to the other. These days you really don't have to do that, but . . .

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you . . .

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: 2017 Tab A SM-T380

I find this to be a common problem with all my devices and it has nothing to do with brand of device.  When it happens to me I first try deleting all data from the Play Store app and Google Play services (from Settings->apps-> desired app name.  Reboot and see if it's better.  You will likely need to log intp  the Play Store again.  If that doesnt help the next step is to delete and reinstall those apps. and even that doesnt work all the time.  You can try booting to safe mode and see if it might be one of the apps that you installed causing the issue.  And lastly before a factory reset, dry deleting the tablet system cache.


Here's the instructions for wiping the system cache.


  1. Turn OFF your phone and remove any charging cables
  2. Press and hold the Volume UPHOME, and POWER buttons at the same time
    • Note: On all phones before the S8, HOME is the button at the bottom of the screen; on the S8 Note 8 and S9, tap the Bixby button for HOME, below the Volume controls
  3. Release the 3 buttons after the phone powers on and displays the Android logo
  4. The phone will display No Command; after several seconds, The Android Recovery Menu should appear
    • Note: If the Android logo followed by the Android Recovery Menu doesn't appear, you'll need to start the process again
  5. Press the Volume DOWN button to highlight wipe cache partition
  6. Press the POWER button to select it
  7. Press the Volume DOWN button to highlight Yes and press the POWER button to select it
  8. After the Cache Wipe is complete, menu items will reappear, with Reboot system now highlighted
  9. Press the POWER button to select it


As for backup, I have found that restoring apps from Google waors fine and takes much of the pain out of a factory restore.