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A7 battery usage question

(Topic created: 05-17-2021 06:15 AM)

After losing the last of my current devices to total battery failure, I decided on Tab A7 as a replacement that would do what I most wanted to do; web browsing, pdf reading, and moderate (in terms of hardware requirements) gaming.

Because of how my last tablet died, which was also how its predecessors died for that matter, I've gotten kind of fixated on constantly checking battery usage. And as a result, I've noticed that my new A7 doesn't seem to getting the sort of lifespan from each charge that a lot of reviews are quoting. Before I freak out, however, and start the whole return process on it, I'd like to ask those who are hopefully a bit more familiar with Samsung's products if the following is actually an appropriate level of usage.


To begin with, I've got my tablet set to the following:

Dark mode on.

Protect battery on.

Fast charge on.

Optimized power mode on (but I don't have any individual apps optimized, because I'm not entirely sure what that does that the main setting doesn't).

Adaptive power saving on.

Bluetooth on.

Sync on.

Dolby Atmos on.

Brightness is the maximum blue portion of the bar.

Volume at maximum.


I then did the following as a sort of battery test:

Starting from 95% charge (I did a few piddly tasks before this), I ran one hour of videos in Youtube, using a tab in the Chrome browser. When that was done, my battery was a 71%.

After that I did a few piddly things which left my battery at 68%. At this point, I settled in for a gaming session, using Geforce NOW with a bluetooth controller. (And this specific form of gaming is pretty much the primary type that I'd use the A7 for.) This session ran for just a bit under 3 hours (or more specifically, 2 hours and 50 minutes), at which point my battery was down to 12% and I shut it off to charge.

So is four hours and a bit (I'd say, roughly, 30-45 minutes) a good level of battery life with the settings I'm using, or should I start looking up the Samsung return process?

In case anyone asks why I didn't just have the tablet charging while I was using it, it's because I'm pretty sure that's one of the things that eventually contributed to the failure of my previous tablets. So I'm trying to break myself of the habit of having my tablet constantly plugged in.

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That's normal for the Tab A7 which is the lower end models with shorter battery life. If you need longer battery life, return it and go with a Tab S7+

Same question. I'm getting less than 10 hours of mixed use, no gaming, little video with screen at about 40%. Some of the review talk about 13 hour battery life??