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Black Screen of Death on Galaxy Tab A (2018)

(Topic created on: 4/14/21 7:17 AM)

Hello everyone,

My company uses a ton of Galaxy Tab As (SM-T597V) to take pictures. For the past few months users have been experiencing an issue where the screen will go completely black and never turn on again. Most of the time, users have told me it happens while taking a picture, the screen will go black.

I have done almost everything I can think of. I have let the batteries completely die out, I have tried charging them for 1-2 hours, I have tried multiple combinations of pressing and holding buttons in order to attempt a hard reset, I have opened them up (which is a pain) and unplugged the battery for a bit. I have seen some videos for older model tablets with a similar problem and they unplug the screen. However, those tablets have the screen cable immediately accessible. For this model the cable is quite hidden and I believe glued on to prevent the issue where it becomes disconnected.

I have verified that none of these screens have any physical damage. It has become such a common occurrence (15+ tablets) that I believe this could be some type of manufacturer error. Unfortunately these devices are from 2018 and out of warranty. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this issue with this exact device? Thank you.

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