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Brand new Tab S7+ cracked down the middle. Faulty screen or product issue?

I pre-ordered a new Tab s7+ with case and have been using it barely three weeks when I pulled it out of my bag with a crack down the middle. It was in the same laptop sleeve as my surface book 2 and had the samsung case on the tablet too. I didn't drop it or hit my bag against anything, literally from my car and a short walk to the office this happened. My laptop has no damage. Before this tablet I had an S4 that I loved and carried in the same bag everywhere I go but did a trade in for the new S7+. Maybe this screen just had a flaw but I cannot get any support with the Limited Warrenty because it's Physical damage. As a new product rolling out at this price point I am extremly disappointed and expected better from the product and support. I was told that I would have to pay to get this maybe flawed screen repaired. I cannot see myself buying another samsung product in the future.