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Call and text on other devices

(Topic created: 06-12-2021 07:28 AM)

Hello, Community.

I've been using this feature for over a year with no issues. My Tab S6 was updated to Android 11 last week and now the feature no longer works. I was able to use this feature via the Verizon Messages+ app. After the upgrade to Android 11, the messages app wouldn't launch. I updated the app and it launched successfully. However, the phone icon, which appeared near a contacts name, was missing. I accessed the quick menu to turn Call & text on other devices on. But, received a message that it couldn't connect right. Yesterday evening, all of a sudden and very randomly, the feature was enabled. This morning it was disabled again. I'm assuming that occurred when I powered off my tablet last night. This morning I saw that I could update the Call & text on other devices app, so I did. In doing so, the app started the setup process and I needed to scan the QR code using my phone (S9+) to link it to my tablet. When I did that I received a message on my phone that there aren't any apps on my phone that can use the QR info. That's where it stands at this point. Apologies for the lengthy post. I wanted to be sure and include all pertinent information. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you could provide. Best,

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