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Certain videos do not display on my Tab S7 FE 12.4 with Android 12 UI 4.1.

(Topic created: 09-27-2022 01:44 PM)

Certain videos do not display on my Samsung Tab S7 FE 12.4 WiFi 256Gb tablet.

Most were generated with a GoPro Hero 7 in HEVC format. But not all of them, just some.

The problem is not random, those that are not displayed once, are not displayed any time, those with no problems do not experience problems ever. I have tested those videos with problems on my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G cell phone, Samsung Tabs 3 and 6 and on my Dell tablet with Windows 10 and they all display correctly.

I installed the VLC program with the same results. Also cleared data and chache. Sometimes it just shows up as a black screen, sometimes it displays an error message, and rarely does it show up as a codec problem.

I have tried storing the videos in the main memory and the SD with the same results.

I had previously seen a report stating that this problem was occurring on other devices with Android 12 and UI-4-1, but I can no longer access it. Does anyone experience the same problem?


I've inputed the problem to Samsung Members Support a week ago and still they are working

Have any of you experienced similar problem?


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I have the same problems... I record videos using s21 ultra at 4k 60fps and cant it play on tab s7 FE Samsung.