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Charger and S Pen never returned from repair

(Topic created: 10-07-2021 03:04 PM)

I sent in my tablet to get repaired in July 2021, with the charging cable, adapter, and S pen, as stated in the shipment instructions. It has been an up hill battle from here. I have finally received my tablet back and fixed as it should be on SEPTEMBER 29th , but didn't receive my S pen or Charger. I have called "The Depot" once a week for the last week, and still have received nothing, not even a confirmation email that my charging cable/adapter/pen is being returned to me. The representative I spoke with on Monday said that my items will be "expedited" to me, and that I should be receiving and email about shipment. I have gotten neither.

I am extremely fed up, as I was asked to send in these accessories, but did not get them back in return. I have called, emailed, and chatted, with every support service offered, and have gotten nothing. I have been a fan of Samsung products for over 20 years, but this experience has been a nightmare, and I don't plan on purchasing any Samsung products again.

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