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Connecting Galaxy Tablet to Polycom T8500 phone

(Topic created: 05-26-2022 10:34 AM)

I am working on trying to use my tablet to place a call through a conference room phone. Essentially, I'm looking to use the tablet as an address book and I want users to be able to press an employees name and be able to call them through the conference room phone. I currently have the tablet connected via Bluetooth to the phone, but when I place a call, the call is ended Immediately. Error message reads something like ''cannot make call. Make sure your phone is connected to a network and call and text on other devices is enabled" (which it is)

I was able to connect my iPhone and call from it through the conference room phone speakers, but the call came from my iPhone, not the conference room phone. 

Is there a way to set this up so when I call a contact from the tablet, it routes the call to the polycom phone and the call is made through the conference room phone, not the tablet?
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