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Cracked Screen Repair for Samsung Tab S6

I bumped the table my Tmobile Samsung S6 tablet was on at work and it fell and the screen cracked. I did not have insurance on it.  It still charges and I am able to swipe the screen open, but the crack is huge and part of the screen is bleeding. I called a couple of repair shops in San Antonio, but they stated the tablet is too new and they are not able to get glass for it. I went to Samsung website and saw cracked or bleeding screens on tablet, call UFixiBreak for repair. I called and was told the Tab S6 is too new. They can't get glass and if they order it from China, the glass alone is over three hundred. They said the best bet would be to call Samsung and see how much it is to fix with them. I started an online chat and was told the cost of labor and shipping, but not the cost of glass. The rep said she could not give me the cost of the glass, but if I called the support number, they would be able to give me the total estimate. I called and was transferred 3 times. The last person I spoke to said she did not know the cost of the glass and that I would have to mail it in to get an estimate. After clarifying my situation with her further, she gave me another phone number to call (800-726-7864). The person I spoke to gave me an estimate which was less than I expected. The money is collected upfront via a robotic system the representative connects you to. I have to say the rep from the 800 number seemed efficient and knowledgable. Here's hoping all goes well. I will shipping it out tomorrow. 


Re: Cracked Screen Repair for Samsung Tab S6

Don't send it in!!!!!  They cannot repair it.  I had the same thing happen.  they kept the tablet for 5 weeks and then called me and said they don't have the parts and couldn't fix it.


I asked for any other options, they said I could buy a new one.