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DRParser Mode Not working on Samsung Tab A 8.4 Verizon Wireless

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 05:46 AM)

Having an issue with Maas360 MDM and split-screen function in COSU/Kiosk mode introduced in OS 11. I have a case open with IBM and they suggested adding com.samsung.android.app.appsedge  to the allowed list of App ID's.

That now brings up the apps to select for split-screen but still does not put those apps in split-screen, it goes right to the app selected in full screen.

IBM states Samsung requests the dumpstate logs from the device, I've tried the following method and get stopped at #3. After entering the command nothing happens - no additional menu appears or anything:

  1. Open the calculator app
  2. Enter (+30012012732+
  3. Enter *#9900#
  4. Select Run dumpstate/logcat
  5. Select Copy to sdcard
  6. Navigate to the log directory that was created on the device using the My Files app or a Windows PC with aUSB cable connection
  7. Ask the customer to send you the dumpState in a Zip file.

I'm stuck in this support loop with IBM and Samsung. When will these 2 issues be resolved:

1 - split-screen in IBM cosu/kiosk mode on OS 11

2 - access to dumpstate logs in OS 11 on Samsung Tab A 8.4 Verizon 

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