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Facebook adding images/pictures

I have a Samsung Galaxy TabA. Kernel version 3.18.14-15705015 that was installed in March of 2019, I don't know if this update is the cause of the problem or not.


I have over 200 pictures stored on an SD card, divided and stored in 25 folders, for ease of finding the one I am looking for. 


It used to be when I wanted to add a photo to a Facebook post, I would get a list of those folders to choose from.  Now when I click to add a photo, I get all 200+ photos on one long list with no indication of the individual folders.


Nothing I've tried, even moving all the folders to the internal tablet storage, has helped.   Is there a setting to show folders instead of a long list of photos or do I have to live with this change?





Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Facebook adding images/pictures

When I add photos it displays the Gallery which shows all the photo's on the Tablet.  But next to the word "Gallery" is a down arrow, which when clicked displays a list of all the individual folders.