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Galaxy A8 Manual

(Topic created: 11-20-2022 09:04 AM)

I just bought this and it's terrific. No real complaints except for the manual. I was about to give up on believing I could add a MicroSD card to it because the slot looked like it was one of those things they put in when you didn't buy an option or something. It looked permanent. Nothing in the manual described on how to open it. Just that you put the card in the slot! At least that was all I could find.

Only when I persevered and did a search on YouTube was I able to discover what that little wire thing was in the box and learned how to open it.

There are other similar things I encounter with this manual that is just short on description. Can't Samsung afford to hire someone to draw a few diagrams? They way things are described, I get the feeling that there is a presumption of experience in how they decided to describe things. I'm still searching for a tab bar! I've just pretty much ditched the manual and am going straight to YouTube.

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