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Galaxy Book 12 display

I am very disappointed in Samsung now. I purchase primarily Samsung devices for myself to include android tablets, Galaxy phones and 3 Galaxy Books. One of those tablets has developed 2 faint yellow vertical lines on the display. Its no longer under warranty but its a device that has not gotten a lot of use. In doing some research, I found that this is a common problem as the blue pixels fade out causing these faint yellow lines.  It would seem that a known issue such as this would be covered even if out of the warranty period (in my case just 12 months out). I have to say when I make my next purchase of something like a new phone, computer, etc....that Samsung has now lost much of the trust that I have for their products

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Galaxy Book 12 display

I'm not going to make you feel any better with my comment.  I also have a Gaxaxy book though don't have the yellow...yet!  Before purchasing I looked up AMOLED and saw the info that you're referring to.  From day one of ownership I set my Galaxy Book display for all AMOLED friendly colors, a lot of black basically.  The AMOLED pixel is off when displaying black so it makes sense that using a lot of black, and some other colors (can't rememvber which right at is moment but they used less blue} help to alleaviate this well as enhance battery life  This is an AMOLED design artifact and not a Samsung defect (other than they chose to used an AMOLED display in the Galaxy Book) and is a possibility with every AMOLED/OLED Screened device on the market.  As you noted, the blue pixels tend to degrade the fastest due to natural degradation of the organic polymers in the AMOLED pixels


So I wouldn't expect any company to cover the issue out of warranty unless you can find a compasionate ear in the customer service department.

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