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Galaxy Tab 3 Boot Issue

(Topic created: 11-18-2021 07:29 PM)

Hi, I recently found my old Tablet and am having an issue with starting it. I stopped using it in the past due to the battery being bad and not feeling like replacing it, but recently I decided to try to boot it up to see whats on it. It did not boot with the old battery and I got a new one and it "boots" off of it. It's difficult to figure out whats wrong because all the tutorials on fixing this issue is it getting stuck on the logo screen. Mine does not get stuck on the logo screen. It actually gets past it and goes on to do the sprint animation and then freezes on the yellow sprint screen. It doesnt even boot up. I dont think its because sprint isnt sprint anymore. Ive tried all types of resetting from using volume buttons, taking out sim and sd cards, powercycling, charging, etc. It doesn't even charge when plugged in. The battery icon doesnt pop up when plugged in and ive tried a ton of different cords that work with my other things. No really online fixes since it gets past the logo screen but just confused on what could be wrong. 

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