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Galaxy Tab S2 won't turn on after restart.

It wouldn't let me reply to the only other one on the same topic or I would have done so. I am also unfamiliar with the forum here and only made an account to try and find some help.

It worked fine this morning. I noticed later that firefox and the other browser apps were frozen or acting slow, and that the buttons that normally light up next to the home button weren't working and weren't lighting up. I thought it was strange so I restarted my tablet. It never restarted, won't turn on, and no matter what button combinations I press and regardless of whether it was fully charged or not (it was around 80% when it was set to restart) it will not turn on. I don't get anything when I plug it in either, the screen refuses, and the device does not feel hot like the device is running and the screen simply isn't coming on.

I didn't spill anything on it, drop it, nothing it just stopped working. I have a lot of info on the tablet I'd want to be able to move to something else, but preferably above all of it I want my tablet to keep working. Is there any fix for this, and if not a way to get my data off the device? I have no qualms about opening it up if I need too but I haven't been able to find much information on it.


Re: Galaxy Tab S2 won't turn on after restart.

nice information there im having problems with eliminating people off and out my phone