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Galaxy Tab S6 and S7 support

I purchased a Galaxy Tab S6 in November of 2019.  The screen cracked in February 2020 despite having a protective cover on it.  Is one crack on the screen.  After six months of calling Samsung, they finally told me they could fix it.  So, I sent it into Samsung.


After keeping the tablet for five weeks, they told me they could not fix it, and would offer an exchange yesterday.  Today they call back and say, "no exchange."  "We are sending the tablet back to you with a crack in it.  Too bad for you...  good luck."  Not even a coupon for reduced price on another product to replace!


Is there anything else I can do to get he tablet fixed?  Has anyone else had this problem?


After ten years with Samsung devices, I cannot see ever buying another if I cannot trust that they will support their devices.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated.