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Galaxy Tab S7 - Show "Choose Input Method" Button with Hardware Keyboard

(Topic created: 10-23-2021 08:20 AM)
So I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, along with a keyboard book cover. So far, I've been loving it, basically everything works the way I want it. However, I've found that there is no way to show the touch keyboard while the keyboard book cover is plugged in. This isn't an issue while I'm actually using the hardware keyboard, however, I sometimes like to flip the keyboard cover under the stand, to use it without the hardware keyboard, but without having to unplug it either.

The issue is that when I do so, even though it does disable the hardware keyboard so that it doesn't enter random keys accidentally, it does not enable the touch keyboard, so I'm stuck without a keyboard in that configuration. I noticed that with the hardware keyboard unplugged, if I had more than one virtual keyboard installed, a button appeared on the navigation bar to switch keyboards.

The strange thing is, if I switch to GBoard and plug the hardware keyboard back in, the input method button stays visible on the nav bar, and when I click on it, I have a "touch keyboard" option to open the touch keyboard, even with the hardware keyboard plugged in. However, when I switch back to the Samsung keyboard, the button disappears from the nav bar.

How could I force that button to appear, regardless of which virtual keyboard I have selected, and regardless of whether or not the hardware keyboard is plugged in?
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Hello @ArthurBouvier ,

I got same issue, and found how to fix it.

There’s a hidden option related to keyboard one needs to check to enable virtual keyboard even with hardware keyboard on.


Now, virtual keyboard is displayed by default for any input, but will disappear as soon as hardware keyboard is used.

Worked within Chrome, but not Opera Touch.