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Galaxy Tablet S5e - screen black with pixel lines (colored) (unresponsive Repair Depot)

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 06:52 PM)

Can someone please help me?  

My device screen failed  for no apparent reason...I was reading at night, and in the AM, the screen would not 'appear' when turned on. It was black with colored pixel lines.  Samsung technical support walked through troubleshooting, as did the Best Buy 'Geek Squad'.  Consensus is the LED screen failed. 

The Device was under warranty when UPS shipping label provided. Warranty Expired July 13, 2021).

The Repair Depot text me to ask for payment but without providing me  an understanding of the repair needed./ performed or cost of repair. I informed them of the warranty.  

It's been several weeks. I have no "diagnosis" on what repair solution is, if they made it, and if not, when it will be made.  I am tired and frustrated - and I'm not very technology savvy (note...my user name!)

Any recommendations?  

Thank you in advance


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