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Galaxy Tablet S7 Sent to NJ Repair Depot

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 05:55 PM)

1. Sometime near June 9, 2021, the LED screen on my Galaxy Tablet S 5e, failed only several hours after reading on Kindle the night prior.  (SM-T720NZKLXAR, Serial Number *****) failed.  After three telephone sessions of troubleshooting and confirmation by the Best Buy Geek Squad techs, Samsung provided me with a UPS Shipping label to send to NJ Repair Depot. (See Item 3 for acknowledgment of receipt) 

2. My Tablet was purchased July 13 2020 and was under warranty at that time. the tablet was my only functioning device which I relied upon for access to needed applications and websites and photos...

3. WARRANTY PROOF: I explained I had no photo device to take a picture and send  the duplicate receipt from Best Buy.  (Samsung Phone camera not functioning either). The very kind female employee, who provided the UPS Shipping label, DOCUMENTED this fact in the record to associate with the ticket. I taped the PAPER RECEIPT to the underside of the Unit.   

The unit was shipped via UPS June 9, 2021.  

I received THIS message on June 10, 2021 in my e-mail: 

"Your Samsung SM-T720NZKAXAR was received on 06/10/2021. You can expect your unit to be repaired within the next 7 days.

Service Ticket Number : *****
Service Center Information
1. Name : SAMSUNG REPAIR CENTER, Techeim, Inc
2. City, State : Riverdale, NJ


4. The Repair Depot, text me to request payment for repair, to which I replied the location of the warranty documentation was taped to unit. At some point, several phone calls were exchanged and my "repair ticket" was elevated around June 15th or 22nd  (I guess to confirm the fact my receipt was taped to the unit to prove warranty?). I continued to receive text messages from the repair depot.

 5. Warranty Follow up:  With the benefit of a new cell phone - I obtained a 2nd  duplicate copy of the purchase receipt and I  uploaded it to Samsung under "My Products". A few days later, my Samsung account listed the new warranty date of July 13, 2021.  I ALSO uploaded/sent the digital receipt copy to the multiple SMS phone numbers that repeatedly text me from Repair Depot requesting  payment or warranty information.  

6.  I used the  technical support text chat to ask for help with informing the Repair Depot my Galaxy Tablet was indeed under warranty.. Screen Shots available 

About a week later, the Repair Depot TEXT  me my Tablet was Damaged and not covered by warranty - to which I requested photos for proof.  I don't recall my last contact from them other than an acknowledgment my repair is taking longer than expected.  

Some details may be fuzzy as to which department  I was speaking to..Customer Support, technical Support, Or the Repair Depot. There have been times, at least three, where I was told I was being transferred ... only to be disconnected after 30 minutes.  One two occasions, the employees never documented the conversation prior to the disconnect. 

This experience has been time consuming, traumatic, and has led to many tears...yes, I cried on the phone to a technician.  Each contact asks me to repeat the ordeal...and now, here.  By the way, I have never been formally informed of their "diagnosis" of the cause of the black pixel lines. I don't know if the unit was diagnosed and/or even repaired, awaiting payment. They asked me to call to make payment arrangements for an unknown repair (LED replacement? Screen replacement?)

I have no idea where to turn next. I've owned multiple Samsung products over decades. This is my first experience with a defect. There seems  to be a serious business process flaw or communication disconnect flaw between  Repair Depot, Technical Support and Customer Support or disconnect. Or, the website hasn't provided me with clear direction on who to call, or, folks are so overworked and backed up in NJ, customer service is not a priority, or there was no way to validate my paper receipt, or no one available to actually research what happened in the case of my Tablet Repair.  The possibilities are endless.  I would like this  ordeal to end quickly with a repair and return of my device. 

Any assistance you can provide will be GREAtLY appreciated, 

Thank you


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

I understand your frustration. Please send your ticket number to this PM Link, and I will look in to this.

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