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Google Messages Connectivity Problem

(Topic created: 04-21-2024 06:59 AM)

I have the Google Messages app running on my Samsung Galaxy S21FE phone and my Samsung A9+ tablet. Like the Gmail app, which I run on both devices, I was hoping to be able to use either device to see a current list of my communications. Unfortunately, Google Messages on the A9+ tablet does not run as I thought it would, even though I have troubleshot and done everything that Google suggests countless times to solve the problem.

When I open the app on the tablet, 99% of the time, it simply says "Trying to reach your phone...". The only time it ever shows "Connected" is when I open the Message app on my phone simultaneously. I have even kept the Messages app running on my phone but, after some time, the connection still gets dropped and I have to close and restart Messages on my phone to reestablish the connection. 

Both the phone and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, both devices have been signed in to the same Google account and I have paired/unpaired/paired the devices numerous times using the QR code alternative as well as connecting via my Google account. In other words, I have repeatedly done what Google recommends to link my phone and tablet but the connection is never permanent.

Can anyone help me overcome this very frustrating problem?

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Since you have two Samsung devices have you tried Samsungs solution using your Samsung account? Call and Text on other devices under Connected Devices in Settings. It's worked for years for me before Google came out with their solution. Worth a try