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Cosmic Ray

Google Play Store Suddenly Started Crashing Continuously and Can't Update Since That Play Store

My Tab S3 received an Android update on June 17 to VT820XXU3CTD5 / T820XAR3CTB1.


System has been running fine all week since update, including last night.


This morning, Tablet received notification that a background task was using too much battery, and asking if I wanted to put it to sleep.  I noticed it was the Play Store App.  Then I started getting messages that Play Store App keeps crashing.


Play Store App is v20.7.16-all[0][PR] 317546459


Play Services is v20.21.17 (100406-316502805)


I tried deleting cache and memory from both app/services.  No help.  I tried restarting.  No help.


At this point, I can't check for updates, because the Play Store crashes every time I try.


I tried Samsung Members to get support, but every step I take says Google Play Store crashed.  Don't know if that's coincidence, or if Samsung Members App is trying to talk to Google Play.


Don't know if this is related to last week's March 1, 2020 Security Update.


At this point, I'm stuck in this situation.  Does anyone have any suggestions?






1.  Wiped cache system partition from Android Boot Menu

    2.  Re-Boot system.

    3.  Go to Apps/Google Play Store.  In upper right corner there is a vertical ellipse (... but vertical).  Press that and get option for Uninstall Updates.  Select Uninstall Updates.

    4.  Do the same as #3 but for Google Play Services.

    5.  Re-Boot System.

    6.  Go into Google Play Store.  Problem solved.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Google Play Store Suddenly Started Crashing Continuously and Can't Update Since That Play Store

That's great to hear please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

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