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Green tint problem on galaxy tab s7 +

(Topic created: 05-09-2021 05:16 PM)


I bought a tab s7 + and I would like to hear from people who own it. I have already had it replaced by another but the problem persists. In effect in low light and dark mode the grays tend towards green, we can see it in the playstore (always in dark mode). I have made inquiries and many people seem to be experiencing this problem. And I'm talking about the green tint on the grays because that's where we really realize it but in truth it is always present even on the whites but much less discernible. What I would like to know is if it concerns ALL models or just some. Just to know if I send her again.

Thank you.


A samsumg community manager himself clarified that the engineers were aware of this problem and that they were working on it.


However, users have been complaining for months. And given the price of the tablet, it is normal to expect an impeccable screen and not something that tends completely towards green in low light. So if someone from samsumg goes through this, do you know when the fix will arrive? And above all is it sure that it will happen one day because if this is not the case I prefer to be reimbursed because I am still within 15 days.

Thanks and sorry for the bad English.

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