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Handwriting field appears and then retracts when activating entry fields in PDF

(Topic created: 05-12-2022 09:05 PM)

I'd like to be able to enter data in PDF documents using handwriting with the S pen. When I tap on an entry field in the PDF, the handwriting field pops up at the bottom of the screen and I can write in my data. The problem is that every other time I tap an entry field, the handwriting field pops up but then immediately retracts/disappears. I then have to wait a few seconds, tap the entry field again, and the field will appear and stick (tap too fast and it will retract again). This is extremely frustrating as I bought the tablet for fast data entry on the fly at work, and these issues are breaking my concentration and causing delays, not to mention it's embarrassing to be fiddling around with the tablet in front of clients. Please tell me how to fix this. Thanks. Btw, this issue does not happen when the handwriting field is replaced with the keyboard.

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