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How do you change the color of Emojis on a Samsung Tablet A7 11"?

(Topic created: 09-04-2021 04:20 PM)

I have tried, tried, and tried to change the color of my emojis 🙃. I have followed the instructions CAREFULLY many times and my Samsung Tablet A7, 11" will not give me the option. I have complained several times to Samsung and finally it will now give me one option of another barely lighter, dark skinned emoji. 🤔 I am a very light skinned person as are most of my friends. I am becoming quiet 🤫 offended. I am hesitant to use the dark emojis to send to most of my friends - the darker ones, are just not me. Now I would like to get my money back to buy a different one but I can't get an answer from Samsung. I am older and disable so I use my tablet daily almost constantly. Good grief Charley Brown! Can anyone 🥺 please help me? 

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