Invisible Ghost Keyboard and static screen


Invisible Ghost Keyboard and static screen

Hello All


I have had my Tab S3 for about 20 days now and have had various small but noticeable issues. Sometimes when switching from Artflow on multi window to Chrome on the lower screen then I see the top screen (artflow) get all static looking with black, white and other color dots. It eventually fixes itself but not sure if it's an app issue or a device processing issue. 


My other concern is that I was going to type something I  Trello and my screen shifted up as if the keyboard was to show up but the keyboard wasn't there. I could still see the screen that was supposed to be covered by the keyboard. Ok here's the ghost part. When I touched where the keyboard keys were supposed to be the typing would show up in the field I wanted. I eventually restarted my device and it fixed itself. It also did it while doing a Google search so I don't think it was an app issue. 


Anyone else having this issue or seen any similar issues. Deciding if I should return this or keep it.