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Is keyboard keeps jumping as I attempt to edit my text

(Topic created: 03-13-2023 07:54 AM)
Cosmic Ray
I've noticed the last couple of days my keyboard keeps jumping back to the last words I have typed. Trying to go back to edit something and the 2nd I do it automatically jumps back to the last sentence. I can't control it. Now it highlights words that it what, thinks are not cocorrect? It gives me no time to edit. When I try to it will delete the words its highlighted. What infuriates me is I'm a published writer, so do I really need the AI to be my editor? Whats more if im using voice, The AI interpretation at times is convoluted.I have to go back and redo everything that it thought I said. What's with the talk text constantly shutting down even now as I'm attempting to voice this it keeps shutting down on me. I've attempted to look through the settings I don't know what any of this stuff means I'm trying to figure it out but why the computer seems to think it knows better is beyond me?
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