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Latest update has broken accessibility features

(Topic created on: 4/1/21 4:47 AM)

My wife, who has very limited mobility because of a spinal cord injury, has been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 quite successfully for some time with a specially designed USB mouse.  Until this last update, the Tablet interpreted a "right-click" as a "Back" button, which was perfect, and worked well for her.  After the update, the right-click does nothing.  It might seem small, but it has greatly impaired her ability to effectively use her tablet, especially when this loss coincides with the settings menus being redesigned to rely entirely on having a "Back" button.  Also, the Assistant Menu icon is now completely unusable.  Until the update, it worked fine.  She could click on it, and have access to all of the functions it offered without any problems.  Now, she clicks on it, the menu appears, but at the slightest movement of the mouse, it disappears.  To sum it up, this update has removed her ability to use a "Back" button, implemented a redesigned settings app that relies entirely on having a "Back" button, and given her an "Assistant Menu" that disappears when she moves her mouse to select any of the available options.

What do we need to do so she can use her tablet again?

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