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Lock Behavior When Tablet Removed from Keyboard Cover

The Tablet S3 and S4 used to lock automatically when they were removed from Keyboard Cover and running Oreo.  There were some complaints about this behavior, and an option was requested to allow the tablet to remain unlocked when it was removed from the keyboard cover.


Then, the behavior was changed after Pie was released to the tablets, such that the tablet now remains unlocked after it's removed from the keyboard cover.  However, there was no option added.  Samsung just changed the behavior.


I object to this and would like to see an option added soon.  I use my tablet in a very secure environment, and whenever I remove the tablet from the keyboard, I want it to auto lock like it used to.  If I need to quickly unlock it, I can do it with the fingerprint reader.  Generally, when I disconnect the tablet from the keyboard cover, I'm on the move and I want the tablet locked when I'm on the move, in case I put it down and it gets swiped.


Basically, in responding to a request from some users, Samsung made things worse fo other users, including me.  The original request is to make the locking behavior an option.  I would like to see it implemented as an option.