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My desktop wont recognize my tab A

I bought a galaxy tab A for my son from a friend but it's google locked. Cant get my computer to recognize it for the life of me. Maybe from the security patch on tablet or something but nobodies has recognized it so far. My desk top however does recognize other devices no problem so I'm thinking it's the tablet. All I won't to do is unlock it for my son I paid 60 bux and I'm starting to think that I just gave my money away for trash I hope not can anyone help. I have a samsung galaxy tab A SM-T580 WiFi only with sad card slot on the side no sim slot just sad card 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: My desktop wont recognize my tab A

The tablet will not be recognized by a computer until it has been unlocked. You will need the previous owner to provide the credentials to unlock the device, then remove the account information from the tablet before it will be usable.

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