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New S6 Lite: Amazon for Kindle library still downloading after 3 days?!

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 08:59 AM)

Bought my amazing S6 Lite because my old S2 no longer would open any of the 236 Kindle (for Android) books bought from Amazon.  I had to replace the S2 because EVERY Kindle book in the app showed an "x" instead of a check and would not open.  (May 17 "update." {snort})

Problem is, the S6 Lite ALSO shows "x" on every book.   Tried redownloading -- both Kindle for Android AND some of the books...  After 1-2 seconds, Amazon  always says: 'successfully DLed to Kindle app.' But not there -- DID DL successfully to my backup; my desktop PC. De-registered and reregistered the S6 (multiple times!).  Deleted the Kindle app (multiple times!) and re-DLed from Google Playstore (multiple times!).  Returned and re-bought the two books (I'm in the MIDDLE of a battle scene! I NEED the next book!) . "Successfully downloaded to Kindle app on S6 Lite."   NOT there.   The third book, which I had tried to DL earlier IS successfully loaded onto the S6. 

Spoke with AMZ rep (mine's a biz acct) and she kept saying: it's DLing all 236 books.  She said I could NOT use USB to pull the books off my desktop into the S6, but had to WAIT for all the books to DL.   

My current DL speed is:  241.9 Mbps.

Okay, it's now been THREE DAYS of apparent downloading.  These are not 700-page novels, they're normal sci fi books...  THREE DAYS!!!    **bleep**, over!?

I don't know where to look on my new Tab; the old one had an icon SHOPWING it was downloading stuff.   How fast is the S6 supposed to be accepting data?

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