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Not by bread alone is man alive

(Topic created: 07-13-2022 06:24 AM)

Dear Samsung Company,

I would like to just congratulate with you about one of your latest products: the Galaxy Tab S8 plus.

It's a materpiece. I could never have imagined that a tablet could have been such a laptop killer!

Although, I'm sure that sometimes you forget (actually all of us forget) the reason you are striving and working hard for the best product possible, I want just you to know that you changed the life of a lot of people for the better.

When one can count on a tool that is so advanced and that really helps solving problems quickly allowing us to lower our stress at work...you know...it's priceless.

Thank you very much for your dedication to...us! (the customers).

Best Regards,










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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you so much for the feedback! We appreciate your response and thank you for being a loyal Samsung consumer! ❤️



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