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Product Improvement for next Galaxy Tab: IPX8 water protection

(Topic created: 10-16-2021 07:41 AM)

As a big fan and long-time user of Samsung Galaxy devices, I can only confirm their excellence. However, I miss a very important product feature for the tablets (Galaxy S7), which I look for in vain at every Galaxy Unpack Event: An IP68 water protection for tablets. A tablet is the perfect device, whether for surfing on the sofa, for the recipe while cooking, for reading on the deck chair in the garden or at the pool. But a tablet is also the ideal companion for quick reference work in the workshop. However, there is a risk of the device coming into contact with splashing water in most of these use cases. Therefore, it would be desirable to make the IP68 certification, which is already known from the Galaxy smartphones for many years, a standard for Samsung tablets as well.

Please give a ike to this post if you would also welcome an IP68 certification for the next Galaxy Tab. I would appreciate if Samsung considers water protection for the next tablet.

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