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Protect battery in device care setting

It's hard to understand the mechanism of the "protect battery" function in Galaxy Tab S6 Lite I'm using. I know it limits the changing up to 85% of capacity, and that 85% is shown as 100% when the protect battery option is turned on. If this is true, the fully-charged battery with the protect battery option turned on (= shown as 100% but actually 85%) should display 85% after turning off the protect battery option and rebooting the tablet. The capacity shown after, however, is still 100%. In the same context, the 85% (and higher depth of charge) of battery with the protect battey option turned off should not be charged more after turning the option on and rebooting, but it is charged more. The observation makes me conclude the protect battery option does not work and I could find some Galaxy Tab users who had the same experience though nobody understands why/how. Could someone have any answer or clue on this issue?

Re: Protect battery in device care setting

@NAViLERA interesting problem, friend!


Is it possible this is a bug? You could try reporting that UI issue from the Samsung Members app by sending over a error log. 


1. From the Samsung Members application tap the "?" icon.
2 . Tap Send Feedback.


You will be directed to "Send Feedback" screen. Tap Error Reports.
4. A message will populate to log data stored in system. You can choose to Always send or Just this time. We do recommend to be connected to Wi-Fi network depending on your mobile network plan.
5. Once you have selected system log data, you will be able to choose from category on what issue your device might be experiencing. Please choose a category to proceed with "Error Reports".
6. Lastly, please enter issue details and attach any screenshots you may have. Once complete, tap on Send. Please note, attach screenshots to better ensure an answer for your inquiry. This will help resolve the issue your experiencing.


Please click " ✓ Accept as Solution" if this reply solved your issue or pointed you in the right direction. Click the heart to let me know your appreciation! 

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Re: Protect battery in device care setting

This is a really valuable feature, in that it will extend the life of your battery for years. But it is a bit buggy in terms of switching it on or off. I reckon the designers have not really taken into account the fact that users might want to turn it on and off*.


My advice is to check the voltage of your battery - that will give you an unambiguous indication of whether the S5e is charged to a high voltage (100%), or a reasonable voltage (85%), irrespective of whether the tablet reports it as 100% or 85%.


Many apps will report your battery's voltage. I use "Accu​Battery" by "Digibites", which is a realiable and well-regarded app. But beware - whilst AccuBattery will report the battery's voltage correctly, it too will become confused - although not about voltage - if you switch between "protect battery" enabled and disabled.


*Enabling and disabling "protect battery" is a smart thing to do. I have protect battery enabled permanently, unless I am travelling and really need the full 100% capacity of my battery to get me through a trip, which is rare. If you  don't need the full 100%, then setting "protect battery" will extend the  battery life (in years) of your tablet massively