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Push Notification sound not working even though get a notification badge and reminder sound

(Topic created: 10-17-2021 10:33 PM)

Trying to get push notifications to trigger a sound. 

  • I get notification badge from all allowed apps into Status bar (The app also shows notification)
  • I get sound reminders of notification after every 3 mins as per setup (3, 6, 9 etc)

Have configured the following:

  • Sound mode - sound - If I set vibrate mode I get vibration (Have set to mute and reset to Sound to test)
  • Notification sounds - Skyline
  • Volume Notifications - set to maximum
  • Do Not disturb - Turned off
  • Smart Alert  - on
  • Lock screen - Notifications - On
  • Notification reminders - On every 3 mins for particular app
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