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Repair/Warranty Protocol

(Topic created: 11-03-2021 02:10 PM)

I would like to know what the repair protocol is for a warranties. 

I purchased my Samsung Tab S7 on 2/25/21.  In mid-September, I sent my warrantied Samsung Tab S7 in for repairs.  The unit was returned to me unfixed and I was told that there was no problem with the unit.  However, the problem with the screen still existed and I sent it back in with a note stating exactly what the problem was.  I was advised that Samsung had received the unit on 10/4/21.  On 10/11/21, I was advised that there was a delay in repairing the unit.  On 10/14/21 I got the same message regarding a delay.  Shortly thereafter, within 24 hours of receiving the last message, I received a call from a Samsung representative stating that they could not repair the unit and that they were sending me a replacement one as this was still warrantied.  Thereafter, I heard nothing.  I called on or around 10/29/21 to inquire as to the progress.  I was told that the replacement had been received and they needed confirmation that my unit was recorded and received, I was assured that the unit would ship soon.  After hearing nothing from Samsung, I called again on 11/3/21.  After reviewing my file, the representative explained that they were still trying to locate my old unit and could not release a replacement until they had confirmation of the old unit.  At that time I was offered a refund, which was unacceptable insofar as I got the unit on sale and the refund would be insufficient for me to purchase another similar unit.  At this time, I am still waiting for confirmation on Samsung's end that they have located my old unit.  I have been without a unit for more than a month with no indication as to when I will receive a comparable unit as replacement.  

What is the protocol for replacements if Samsung is unable to locate my old unit?

Will the burden remain on the purchaser to get a replacement unit in the event that Samsung does not honor its warranty?

If this is the case, what exactly does this warranty cover, given that it doesn't seem to cover repairs or replacements?

At this point I am very frustrated with Samsung given their inability to honor their warranty and their confusion as to where to locate my old unit that I sent them, thus delaying shipment of the replacement.

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