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Returned Tab A7 under warranty; I took too long and the ticket was cancelled during transit.

(Topic created: 08-25-2021 04:49 AM)

Hello.  Yesterday I shipped back a defective Tab A7 (Ticket number *****).  It was my own mistake that approximately ten days elapsed between the time I created a ticket, and shipped off the tablet.

Later in the day after visiting the store, I got a text that my ticket was cancelled.  What can I do now?  Will the repair center go ahead and accept the item for repair/replacement?  Or is it more probable that the tablet will just get returned to me (which is OK; it's under warranty until Dec 21, 2021, but then I'd have to go through the whole ticket / label / shipping process again)?

Thanks for any help.  I can provide serial numbers or tracking numbers if that info is needed here.

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