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S2 battery drain while wifi on

Hello, for the past year I've been experiencing serious battery drains on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. When Wifi is turned on, the battery drains in less tham 24 hours while in sleep mode. When used in less tham 12. When wifi isn't activated and the tablet is on sleep, the batery takes up to 4 days uncharged which is a massive difference, no probleme whatsoever.

Additionally, the tablet dies when the battery is at 18%, though I've always charged it to 100% and the first charges when I bought it were always done to the maximum so the battery could accomodate with the charging style. 

I have been encountering these 2 problems ever since the last software update. 

The tablet is in perfect condition, has never been exposed to water nor dust. I've been looking for solutions online, but none worked, the next step would be to go to a Repair Center and see if they can fix it.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: S2 battery drain while wifi on

I believe the tablet is acting as it should but what's in question is the discharg rate when sleeping with wifi still on.

Obviously you can turn off wifi during sleep and/or try this suggestion:

Turn off "Find my Device" under Settings do a search for Device Admin Apps" and turn it off.