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S5e Android 10 update breaks WIFI on Android User accounts

Tab S5e after installing the June system update that upgraded to Android 10 and UI 2.1 the WiFi on all Android User accounts is broken. Everything looks good, an IP address is assigned but anything that needs the internet either waits forever (with the spinning circle) or gets get weird errors symtomatic of a non functional internet connection. The base account (non User) works fine.


Note that Samsung forces this update on you, you cannot stop it. This is completely unacceptable since most people know from experience that you never want to be an earily adopter of a major operating system upgrade.


When I called support, I was told that "maybe" they knew about the problem and to wait and see if a future update fixes it in a month or two. When I asked to back out the update I was told only a factory reset was available and that it would update the device again in a few days anyway unless I used it with WiFi always turned off.


When I told support that I had another S5e tablet that was going to update the next day and needed a way to stop the update I was told there was no way to do so. That leaves me with 4 User accounts with 5 applications broken for an unknown period of time.


So a buggy system update is forced down customer's throats and support's attitude is sorry for the inconvience that Samsung caused by its act of negligence in forcing a buggy piece of software onto its customer against the customers objection all the while knowing that Samsung will do harm to the customer.  I highly recommend that no one buys Samsung mobile devices.


Re: S5e Android 10 update breaks WIFI on Android User accounts

It is unforgivable for a company like Samsung to allow such glaringly poor testing on a major production release.Or they just stopped caring for any customers with a product that is more than 6 months old.

One temporary fix is to reset the network settings which I have to do every 1-2 days.I then have to re enter my network credentials each time.

I did clear the cache partition earlier today;I will report through this thread if that has any effect.