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S6 Lite no video in landscape mode for *some* apps (DRM problem?)

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 10:04 AM)

I'm looking at a strange problem that arose suddenly -- I'm not sure when since I had not run any of the affected apps on the tablet recently. When I run HBO Max -- which of course switches to landscape mode before actually running a video -- I end up only with a black screen overlaid with the stop/start/forward/back controls, etc. The horizontal (selection) part of the app is fine. I have tried obvious things like changing settings, wiping data, uninstalling and reinstalling. At some point this was all working just fine.

However, this is not the only app behaving in a similar manner. Both Sling and Criterion are doing much the same on this Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite. In their cases, I do get the video on portrait mode, and lose it in landscape mode. On Sling, I DO see the video in landscape mode momentarily when I select forward or back, or while seeking.

A lot of other apps like YouTube, Pluto, and a whole bunch of others are displaying fine in landscape mode. My guess is that this has something to do with DRM for the premium apps, yet Sling and Criterion *are* displaying video OK in portrait mode. Only HBO Max is totally useless since it has no portrait mode display that I'm aware of. These apps are all working fine on my S20 Note Ultra 5G.

Any ideas? A factory reset of the tablet is really out of the question. Thanks.

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